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Tag Archives: Captain Jack Harkness

Lost Thursday

A mere two days until ‘Miracle day’, and I have already resigned to the loss of my Thursdays for the next 10 weeks. Getting up at 5am, returning from work around 5pm, the volunteering until past 8pm – Torchwood, I hope, will be my little reward for a long hard day. No pressure Captain Jack! […]

Weevil Time

If you have an overwhelming urge to construct you own Torchwood Weevil army, now would seem to be as good as time as any. Need to fill you Pandorica chamber with growling Weevil menaces – no problem. Get yourself down to your local branch of Toys R Us, and you’ll likely find – as I […]

Connections Unseen

I’ve been thinking about connections, considering what might have caused certain events or points of focus. Is it possible, for example, that one of the tears in reality, like that in Amy’s childhood bedroom, also caused the sun to go nova causing the grand exodus of Earth seen in “The Beast Below”? Aside from the […]

Children of Earth

Well, I just sat and watched the whole of Children of Earth in a single marathon sitting. Feel the need to sum up my thoughts without being too detailed or complete. In truth, it wasn’t bad, but it didn’t quite work in the end. You know the scenario that we’ve seen so many times before […]