Time Connections

Who at Tesco

What are the chances of walking into Tesco and finding a Scarecrow, Ood, Cyberman, Silurian and a Clockwork Robot?

Most days it’s probably quite unlikely. On this occasion though, a promotion for the Doctor Who LIVE event provided a chance to stand in a queue and have pictures taken with these very beasties. Alas, poor organisation meant I only got pictures with three of the five – I only came out for milk, at the Stockport Tesco Extra, and didn’t expect to stand for a whole hour waiting for a photo opportunity.

Who knows what might happen next time I take a trip out for fish fingers and some toilet roll?!

The Eighth Creeking

The Easter Sunday special of ‘Jonathan Creek‘ – The Judas Tree – features the Doctor Who duo of Sheridan Smith and Paul McGann, previously only heard on BBC Radio 7 or via download as Lucie and the Eighth Doctor. Worth a look, I’m sure. Seems like perfect timing given the return of Who this weekend.

Under the Doctor

Just watched Sylvester McCoy making a brief guest appearance on ‘Al Murray’s Multiply Personality Disorder’. Not the highlight of his comedy career exactly, playing doctor (ha!) to Murray’s gay Nazi. Still, nice to see him on telly again.

New Gallifrey

Coventry outlines credentials to become the new Gallifrey. Central shopping centre to be demolished and replaced with the new Panoptican. Local branch of PC World claims to have started work on reconstructing The Matrix by daisy chaining three Acer netbooks, a blender, and a 44″ plasma TV. Dave Ross, of nearby Kenilworth, quoted as being less than impressed with the plans and certain to lodge a complaint with the county council.