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What I Know?

There seems to be considerable advantages in taking the time to attend early play sessions of an unreleased game and then setting the experience to print in a blog… you get quoted ad infinitum as just about the only reliable source of information on the ‘net. I feel this warrants a special mention in the […]

Torchwood in the Guide

I rescued an article about Torchwood Series One at h2g2 a couple of months ago – and while I mentioned it in passing, it seems a little silly not to unearth it again just before the start of Series Two. h2g2 is ‘an encyclopaedic project… written by people from all over the world’, conceived by […]

Hitch Hiker’s Guide to Torchwood

My entry on Torchwood – expanded significantly from a half-complete piece found in the site’s Flea Market – appeared on the front page of h2g2 two days ago having become an edited part of the Guide. For those who haven’t visited, h2g2 offers a user-generated encyclopedia akin to the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy […]

Visit Torchwood

Why not visit Torchwood House, next time you’re taking a trip through the Highlands!