Media and Tie-Ins

Charity Who

Comic Relief night, this Friday (18th March) will see a Doctor Who short, with the Doctor, Rory and two Amys. Seen briefly in the trailers for Friday’s charity event, the short continues the tradition of Doctor Who support for charity events, which has seen the the 5th and 9th Doctor saving the TARDIS and Doctors 3rd through 7th rescuing Eastenders from machinations of The Rani (not to mention, Sarah Jane and young associates facing off against a bowler hatted Ronnie Corbett the other year).

With the new series a little over a month away, this snippet provides a fine reminder of what we’ve been missing since Christmas. I’m keen enough for the new series as it is, but would never turn down a little more (or some Amy versus Amy action!).

New Gallifrey

Coventry outlines credentials to become the new Gallifrey. Central shopping centre to be demolished and replaced with the new Panoptican. Local branch of PC World claims to have started work on reconstructing The Matrix by daisy chaining three Acer netbooks, a blender, and a 44″ plasma TV. Dave Ross, of nearby Kenilworth, quoted as being less than impressed with the plans and certain to lodge a complaint with the county council.

10th Doctor Departs

Not a complete surprise, but sometimes it feels like these decisions get strung out. I got the feeling when the Shakespearean hiatus cropped up that David would get the urge to roam – but it took a little while longer for the final announcement.

To some extent, the fact Russell and David leave at the same time means the show can start with a clean slate – but, does that necessarily represent a good thing. I have no doubt about Steven Moffat’s credentials in taking over, but to have him do that with a completely new actor – a completely new cast, for that matter… unless they choose to have a companion tag along from one of the four feature-length episodes from 2009/10.

Only time can tell – and in the meantime, it will be interesting to see where Russell takes the storyline during the specials. I would hope that these episodes have some meaning, and that they don’t simply serve as storytelling fluff to fill the void. I want to see progress in the overall arc of the Last of the Time Lords, and the promise of something substantial and meaty, whether within the episodes or as a forerunner of the events to come in the fifth season. The Doctor should never regenerate in a hollow act… the sacrifice should be noble, dramatic and significant, with all the meaning that the story can muster.

Between The Lines

You can discover an excellent new addition on the BBC Doctor Who website – in the form of some fine pictures to colour in. The set includes individual characters – like the Doctor and Martha – as well as a couple of hectic action scenes that should keep the children (and open-minded adults) engaged for hours.