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Classic Thrills and Adventure

Faux Rocket Rangers recruitment posterMars holds remnants of an advanced civilisation, now fallen into barbarism. The sweaty depths of Venus holds danger and savage beasts, certain to catch ill-prepared travellers unaware. And beneath the cratered face of the Moon, relics of a subterranean people suggest this rock holds secrets more fascinating than it’s drab surface might suggest.

A familiar situation, whether you’ve been watching Doctor Who or you’re a fan of 19th and early 20th century science fiction. The solar system contains more promise for explorers than at first one might expect. Earth alone no more, for out there in the midst of the star speckled void lies the evidence of civilisation, some of it pre-dating our own.

This is the backdrop for Rocket Age, from Cubicle 7. (more…)

Diary of the Doctor

I have discovered the Diary of the Doctor Who Role-Playing Games, a relatively regular and current amateur online magazine, free to download, providing characters, environments, adventures, and features for all incarnations of the Doctor Who RPG – include the FASA and Timelord versions.

While I haven’t had the chance to read through the thirteen issues in detail, I certainly appreciate the effort put into bringing them together. I have opened a few issues and they contain a lot of interesting ideas, plenty of content, and a plethora of pictures. I suspect you’ll find something here of interest, whether complete or simply as the seed for an adventure or encounter of your own creation.

Monster Monster

I’m all too easily impressed by technology. And when you combine it with Doctor Who. And then add in a collectible element. And cards. And… Well, I have exercised my sanity and promised not to get involved. I purchased the first issue of the Doctor Who Monster Invasion magazine, but certainly don’t intend to go any further than that.

In the end, this amounts to Top Trumps. Yes, it sort of tries a little harder than that and the magazine will provide more ideas and variations on playing the game; but, in the end you’re buying a magazine about Top Trumps AND having to spend £1.50 a booster packet (or something like that) for 9 additional cards. And you’re aiming at 165 (or so) for a complete set. And that probably doesn’t include the 1 in 1000 booster card ‘The Infinite’.

Seriously, I’m not getting into this; but, I can be impressed by the cool of having a 3-D Dalek pop out of my card when I look on my computer via web cam. Oh, and the web site’s sort of cool as well…

I'm being attacked by a bloody 3-D Strategist Dalek! #do... on Twitpic

Doctor Who on Sale

Opportunity to pick up PDF copies of the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space and Doctor Who: Aliens and Creatures for about 30% off the normal price in the Movie sale at DriveThruRPG. Well worth picking up if you haven’t got yourself a copy already!