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Category Archives: Conventions and Events

Who at Tesco

What are the chances of walking into Tesco and finding a Scarecrow, Ood, Cyberman, Silurian and a Clockwork Robot? Most days it’s probably quite unlikely. On this occasion though, a promotion for the Doctor Who LIVE event provided a chance to stand in a queue and have pictures taken with these very beasties. Alas, poor […]

Real Expo-tential

Well, I’m off to the UK Games Expo in Birmingham this weekend, attending both Saturday and Sunday (which we did in 2008, but not 2009). Having the night there means the day can be more relaxed, providing more chances to play and the chance to get involved in stuff starting in the afternoon. I would […]

Reality Malfunction

Attended UK Games Expo on Saturday and Team TARDIS were in attendance. Basically, the team consist of look-a-likes who dress up appropriately and cause mild amounts of mayhem around an event. This seemed to involve running around, enigmatic stares and photo opportunities with Daleks. Another group came along dressed as stormtroopers (might have been these […]